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Privacy policy

VESSEL recognizes the importance of the customers’ personal information it handles in the course of its business operations and strives to ensure its confidentiality and integrity.

VESSEL limits the collection of customers’ personal information to the minimum extent necessary for the purpose and use disclosed in advance.

VESSEL never uses customers’ personal information for any purpose other than as disclosed in advance.

With the following exceptions, VESSEL never provides customers’ personal information to third parties without the advance consent of the individual or individuals in question:

When requested by law enforcement
When outsourcing operations to a contractor within the scope of the purpose of use

When using personal information at a Group company within the scope of the purpose of use

VESSEL strives to protect customers’ personal information in its possession by taking appropriate and reasonable safety measures to guard
against risks such as illegitimate access, loss, tampering, and destruction.

VESSEL complies with all laws and regulations applying personal information.
August 12, 2009
Junichi Taguchi
President and CEO, VESSEL Co., INC.

Inquiries concerning personal information:
Head Office International Operations
Phone: 06-6976-7778
Fax: 06-6972-9441