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About the air tools of SP AIR

What is an "air tool"?

An air tools is a work tool using compressed air. The compressed air sent from the compressor is as strong as six atmospheres or more, which makes the air motor of the air tool turn.

Rotary motion produced by air motor can be transformed into various movements in accordance with purposes such as rotation, reciprocation, decentering, and forth, which makes the production of multiple tools possible. SP AIR has a special lineup for your needs.

Where are SP AIR tools used?

The products of SP AIR earn high trusts of professionals worldwide.

The superior quality of SP AIR products maximizes the safety, usability and cost performance. SP AIR products are widely used in various locations, such as repair factories in towns, gas stations where the use of fire is strictly banned, and tire changes at the pits of car races.

The Product Categories of SP AIR

Here is the product information of SP AIR AIR TOOLS | VESSEL CO., INC. We have tools for motor car maintenance, shee metal manufacturing, and agricultural machinery. Click on the product category to see the product list with photos.

Model No List

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Impact Wrench


Ratchet Wrench


Die Grinder


Angle Grinder






Belt Sander


Single Action Sander


Double Action Sander


Orbital Sander


Oscillation Sander






Hammer / Chipper


Needle Scaler




Punch Flange